Monday, October 1, 2007

What It's Worth

First off, normally I don't add my personal life into this blog, but what has been going on in my life has been very important to me and thought i'd share. I apologize for the lack of updates, but due to my current situation I haven't had much time for leisure.

About 2 months ago my aunt was diagnosed with Stage IV liver cancer. It had spread throughout her body and she had no idea until she was diagnosed. The disease attacked her quickly and very aggressively. Knowing how severe the situation was, i quit my job and moved to Arizona where they lived to take care of their 3 kids while my uncle took care of my aunt. Unfortunately the worst happened and she passed away a little over a week ago. She fought hard to live, the doctors were amazed to see how long she stayed with us because they originally only estimated she had not more than a week to live, but she fought for 2 months. She was a great person, one of the most easy to get along with people I've ever met, I'm not just saying that. anyone who has ever heard me talk about her knows how highly I thought of her and I love her dearly. My uncle is still trying to get back on his feet after this ordeal and still has his 3 children, Catelyn (3), Cassidy (5), and Chandler (6), to take of.

Christina Park
3/29/1971 - 9/19/2007

I plan to stay here in Arizona to take care of the kids til at least the end of the year and see where things go from there, which means 1. being out in the middle of nowhere, Maricopa, AZ, I dont have much places to get out and draw, and 2. taking care of 3 young kids is no easy task so my time is severely limited. My updates may be far apart or sparatic the next couple of months, all depends on what comes next. However, next week I will be in California where my aunt will be buried and plan to stay a few extra days to get one last drawing week in at my favorite Coffee Shop (Barefoot Coffee Roasters) and maybe some zoo and drawing salon sketches.

**end personal life**

So since I've been here, I have only a handful of sketches, and have the last bit of carictures I had done at work a little over a month ago. As usual nothing amazing, but comparing to the very start of my season, i have improved immensely I think. I only wish I could've worked more, but just cause my season is over doesn't mean i'll stop, I'll manage to squeeze out a caricature here and there.

These guys were pretty awesome from what i remember, the girl on the left was a lifeguard at our park and was treating her bro and sis to a day out at the park. I like the way this came out because they all have their individual look and for me it it's a pretty clean sketch. wish i left more room for the brother though.

These next two guys were just demos so i played a little bit with uglying them up a bit.

This guy was pretty cool too, he had a Transformers shirt on and I love that series, so i asked if I could draw a demo of him as one and he ended up buying it. I'm disappointed though because i accidentally drew his chin line in forgetting he had a beard so it's overlapping... *sniff*

These two were fun to draw together because I got to add a bit of contrast between them. The guy on the left is a nice clean sketch up until i did his shoulders and shirt. the one on the right is a little sloppy.

Could've done her hair a bit better... I think it looks like her though.

Some family came by my booth earlier on in the day and watched me draw a few people. They came back later telling me they visited all our booths and wanted their kids to be drawn by me and only me cuz they though i was the best in the park. I think they must've been staring at the sun all day but I really appreciated the compliment and drew their kids all cutesy.

So these have been more recent. The sketches of the people were from about 2 weeks ago, and the zoo sketches were from last week.

As usual, thanks a lot for taking a look at my stuff, let's hope I don't slack too much on my practice. Everybody have a wonderful day!


  1. Wow Jason, your drawing has gotten incredible. Nice work. I wish I had even half of that line control haha.

    -Kyle Van Meurs