Thursday, April 19, 2007

Haven't Woke In Daze

So I went to the coffee shop and realized I had left the sketchbook I'd been working in at home... So rather than go back home and then come back, I had remembered packing a tiny one in my backpack a while back and it had a tint to the paper. I was saving it for when i felt I had a little more experience but was kind of forced into utilizing it's beauty. Anything that comes out of this book will have more color to it than what comes out of my normal sketchbook. So here is what I got done on the first two pages.

I really like the sketch of girl in the upper left corner.
These peeps were playing their Nintendo DS Funny, more girls playing games than guys. This coffee shop rocks. =D

Not much, but I'm happy with it. If you don't like it... go ride a scooter or something... yea.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Walking Backwards

Okay... So I will post the first set of my park sketches starting from earlier last week up til now... I do this in shame. I was happy with some of them when i first completed them, but now that i look at them... my god... I apologize for these.

So this one was a demo, she thought it was cute, I was happy that it didn't come out as bad as the ones i was doing earlier, but the coloring and line work is poor. very little if any exaggeration.

This was the first double color body I had to do for a couple. They wanted to be a mermaid and fisherman... I never really looked at the samples we had, and guessed what it would look like... The chick was done terribly, guys are so much easier to draw in comparison...

This one i was decently happy with, until i colored the eyes... They looked crazy afterward... i think i shouldve outline the iris or something... *sigh*

... The parents liked this one so much they wanted their other daughter drawn too... got them both framed too. Why they liked this one is beyond me, it's hideous.
The little sister came out better, but kinda looks like an alien...

This one came out cute, she really liked it.

Likeliness isn't there at all... But i like the way i colored her scarf! so uh... yea...

I think the likeliness of the guy is one of my better ones. The woman is okay... better than how I've been drawing all the other females, but boring.

This girl would not stay still or even look at me. I pretty much guessed her face the entire time, she purposely looked away every time i tried to sneak a glance. The parents wanted me to draw her like Dora the Explorer... I think i drew Boots the Monkey better.

Okay... So let's pray my park sketches get better... SOON. I hope by the end of the season i can be at least 1/4th as good as the people I look up too.

So here are some randoms out of my sketchbook.

K, yea... need more practice.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

For the Sake of Selling Records

Okay, so here are some more coffee sessions over a period of 3 days. I'm noticing a good amount of improvement each day i draw, not that its a lot, but i at least can see and feel it.

This dude didnt even know i was drawing him, i wasn't even expecting it to come out the way I envisioned it, but it did! this is probably my most favorite sketch i've done yet... and i did it on crappy 8x11 printer paper. i still need to get darker and more confident with my coloring though, im too slow with it. and his hair is bleah. but overall, im happy with it.

I would consider this to be my second best to date. again, bleah hair, need to go darker with the skin tones. His cheek bone seems a little too high or to far out and line work is still mediocre at best. but i think i got a good likeliness overall. speed was wayyyyy too slow on this one though.I were to change just one thing on this one, it would be the eyes. next would be the face shape. The face shape makes her look like a baby, but the eyes just look plain boring to me. her nose should be wider too, but still, you can tell it's her.Now these were just... well... i failed in my opinion. everyone liked them both, and i'd say i like the one where she is playing the DS more, but likeliness is way down. I know what i want to look for but i couldn't translate it to drawing. the one on the right was my first attempt and what totally blew it was the face shape. her face isn't long or angular, its more oval with a boxy top. her nose is what really sticks out, like it reminds me of a whistle... i dunno why. What i DO like about the 2nd attempt (left one) was how cartoony and fun i tried to make it look. It shows some character and has exaggeration going on. I need to incorporate more personality into my drawings, so they don't look so plain and generic.
Likeliness is there, unfortunately he never smiled until AFTER i gave him the drawing... i wanted to draw his braces. color is crap (need to go darker), and so is the line work.

I like this one as far as giving it some character. The cross eyes make it look funnier. the hair is bad though, and so is teh coloring on it. but i started to go darker with the color on his face, just need to push it a little more. line work is so so... the dad liked it so much, he tipped me 9 bucks when it was free to begin with!

i was hoping to post some figure stuff but honestly... the drawings were 2 steps backwards from what i've been doing lately, thats what i get for missing a drawing salon session. alright... back to attempting to progress forward.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Barefoot Mountain

Here are some sketches from a coffee shop i frequent... actually its where most of my sketches will be coming from if they involve peoples...

And here are some more futile attempts at caricaturing random peoples. Some of the workers I've sketched are starting to post their pictures on their wall at the coffee shop... it's flattering, but embarassing because I don't feel I'm quite there yet... okay, well, i'm FAR from there.

You can't see it in the pic, but this girl has an awesome sense of fashion and cute to boot. I think i got some decent likeliness going on, but I never really pushed anything, her nose could have come out more or her cheeks. the smile i put was kind of generic too...

I think I got this guys face shape alright, but his hair is sloppy and his eyes are too misproportioned. I think I could have made it look much better if i fixed those two things.

This is one of those workers that posted her pic on the wall. Again, sloppy on the hair... in fact it's lop sided, one side is too long compared to the other.

I was almost happy with this... then i added a terrible body to her. should had a thinner neck and better shoulders, chest is too low... and what's with those wings?! I like the baby, from the get go, when he was wrapped in his blanket I thought he was a glo-worm. Remember those? I would have made his larva like body less skewed though and his head a little rounder if i could go back though...

So there you have the latest batch of "progress". I'm gonna be hard on myself and list as many faults as I can, so I can look out and think again next time.

I've been working at the park for 2 weekends now, line work has been getting better, and some drawings actually came out decent, but i forgot to get pictures of those ones... *sniff*. Next time though, and hopefully I'll have some figures stuff!