Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So I just thought I'd mention that while my updates are sparse and not often, it doesn't mean I'm not animating! I'm currently volunteering on a production called "Reprogrammed" by Charter Road Productions Inc. They are a non-profit organization promoting the "good word"... Well, those that know me, I'm not super keen on religion and all, but hey, it's a way for me to dip my toes in a real production and to put some experience behind my belt. I've already worked on a few shots for them and will continue to do so until production is done or I find a more demanding job. Hopefully I'll have chunks of time where I can work on some of my own stuff to post up here as I'm not allowed to post any of my current work on the film until it's been completed. Shucks.

Good news though, is a couple of my shots will be shown at the Academy of Art booth at WonderCon! Someone out of the hundreds that will be there may or may not see the 5-10 seconds I worked on, yay!

I digress. Here is a screen shot of the production. Who knows... it may one day be on television.

There is also a website, it's a little barren, but a trailer should be up around the same time as WonderCon (February 28th).

Total runtime of this film is around 40 minutes so there is still a lot of work to be done... I'm guesstimating it'll be done in around a year or two. Here's hoping!

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