Friday, May 11, 2007

Blown Away

Okay guys... this is gonna be a BIG update. Stuff from my Sketchbook; Caricatures from the park, coffee shop, AND the awesome C4 (california caricature and cartoon convention) i went to in San Diego; a digital painting, and 2 animated clips! So uh... prepared to be dazzled! ... not really.

So uh... first attempt at putting some real color into my sketches... I would like to do many more like this

Started working with smearing marker with a blender pen. Not to happy with the guy in red, he kinda popped into the scene last second for less than a minute so it wasn't well studied and i have terrible memory.

Trying to get back into digital painting... really rusty. This guy has a creepy aura about him... like he's the watcher! always watching. and waiting. Watching. And Waiting!

My Animal Drawing Final, if you can't tell what it's supposed to be I have failed...

3d Animation of a run to stop

Caricatures from the Park and Coffee Shop

One of my better couples sketches...

I really liked this one... cept for this wierd bump i seemed to have put on his forehead... damn.
One of my friends, Marika. First time i managed to exaggerate and capture her likeness. i think.

I saw so much potential in this baby's face... But it ended up a little generic... I am dissapointed.This had to be my favorite sketch of the night.
This was the last sketch I did that night... i was tired and my pen tip was broken so I don't feel like i pushed it like i could have, this one had just so much wierdness going for it... really... a dude in shackles, with nails, and a dress.
I like this one because it came out fairly cute. Sloppy hair though...

AND FINALLY i give you the sketches from C4. These were all of other Caricaturist, check out my links to those who have blogs

Nate Kapnicky
I think this guy was Eric Evenson

Mystery man... Experimenting with markers...
my buddy Fabian Molina
Stephanie Burrows
Mark Magpusao
Marlo. She had such awesome hair. it was everywhere! i heard people quoting "the Little Mermaid" as they passed by it. More experimenting with markers... kinda messy.

K guys. There you have it. Big update. Hope there is some improvement in my drawings. Hope you all enjoyed them. On to more progress! i think. =D


  1. I like watching your meerkat. :P

  2. The guy who you think is creepy always orders tea and his name is Tim.

    He's always nice, but I'm not sure yet if he's creepy or socially awkward.

  3. Awesome! I love these. I actually really liked the way you did my hair, I didn't think it was that sloppy. Well, my hair is sloppy in general so I think you did a good job.

  4. I'm starting to get obsessed with your pics. Totally love them.

  5. you nailed Stephanie
    with very few lines. Really funny dude.