Monday, May 21, 2007


Thanks everybody for the comments, it's encouraging. Feel free to continue checking back as I will be posting often. I hope. So hear are some more colored drawings from my sketchbook and a good amount of my park sketches. I'm starting to get a lot faster in my black and white sketches, but still need to work on getting my faces bigger, the color darker, and color faster and more confidently. Bodies are one of my weakest points at the moment, they often come out wonky with lines going over lines, the two that im posting are the best ones that came out this week, you don't want to see the bad ones. =D Sorry for the hard shadows in some of the pics, i can't control the position of the sun... yet.

I drew this woman several times, but this was the only one I colored and inked.

Lips need more dimension...

One handin' the burger. Skillz...

these next two are what i like to call "The Brothers Timmerman". hehe my friend told her brothers who were visiting that I did these so they came to get some done.

I really liked the way these two came out. If i could've exaggerated more, i would have thrown the girls teeth everywhere. she had a good smile, but her teeth kinda went over each other. i just twisted her front one a little.. I really like the likeness of the guy. The girls eyes don't give off enough personality though...

the guy reminds me of Kurt from Gilmore Girls. i may have stretched out his head too much though and I gave the girl a little too much forehead. They were a really nice couple though, probably my favorite customers for the entire day. Putting me in a good mood makes my sketches better and faster too. =D

I really like the way i did this one. The background looks fluffy and cartoony, she looks cute and adorable, and there aren't any crazy wonky lines. No real exaggeration, been doing "safe" sketches still. I think the halo and harp could have been done better though.

Likeness is off and i could have gone darker on color, very generic face. But this was the cleanest spiderman body i've drawn so far... dunno if i got this costume colored quite right yet though, i don't remember whats red or blue or webbed...

I like this one, i just would've cleaned up the hair a little more and gone darker if i could go back.

I know he should have a half beard but they didnt want him to have facial hair... i think i should have given him a smaller mouth too... I really dont like his sketch, but I like the girls, it's one of the cleaner non-child female drawings I've done.

So overall I think I'm starting to notice the smaller features in people that help add likeness... sometimes i don't realize it til it's too late, but that's fine... one day it'll just come natural. Again, still doing relatively safe sketches, not going crazy exaggeration on any of them. So that's it for now. off to draw more.


  1. Haha I still see Napoleon Dynamite in Antony's caracature. You did a great job on those.

  2. Looking good. What days do you work?