Sunday, June 10, 2007

All Work

So I was told I do cute sketches and don't exaggerate enough... so I experimented a little...

There was a lot of potential to jack this kid up... I did a terrible job.

I quickly learned that these sketches don't sell. Hehe. I will continue to work on jacking up demos though and work on making big sales cuter.

This is probably the best body i've done... but i cheated... there was a mermaid body above my head, so i kept looking at it for reference.

I learned something about head size and proportion here...

How do you make an emo happy? Draw them emo.

I like the way this one came out, and the kid liked it too. It was a demo but he ended up searching the park for dollars and quarters for an half hour or so so he could buy it. thanks kid.

This girl reminds me of Dakota Fanning...

Sigh... Seems the only time I can draw now is at work... I want to do more personal stuff damnit!

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  1. nothing wrong with a park sketch that sells :D and yeah, i did have that little red piece of crap camera, but it's all wonky. what i really wnat to get is a good, decent digital camera, not some dinky crap from target.