Monday, June 4, 2007


Yea... I know. i post a lot of pics... Lotta stuff from the past couple weeks. On average though, it seems i post about once a week or so. I'll try to keep that constant. I've been trying out new lines with my drawings, kinda like learning new letters. I think i'm starting to exaggerate on some people... mostly the ears it seems... I like people with big ears, it's easy to draw. Anywho... onward.

Sketch book stuff...

K so... the person on the left is a woman... dunno if you can tell... most elderly women have short hair.

I like this drawing... i think it looks pretty.

people in the lunch room at work...
coworker of mine

I want to draw more bodies, i don't want to limit myself to just shoulder up. I think this looked a lot better before i inked it in though, and it looks pretty flat...

sketches from Barefoot Coffee...

Haha, her hair was so big i had to turn my paper landscape style!
She didn't smile that big when i was drawing her...
I drew a whole group of teenagers and this was the one i liked the most, it was also the most exaggerated (well... that i can do...)
I really think i captured his love for his DS...
If you look closely... the two have matching tattoos!

Here are some of my better park sketches...

Hehe, so one of my buddies from my school showed up at the park, and gladly sat for a demo
Can u guess that this is his brother? haha, looks like i traced the same sketch... not intentional.

I like this one, it's nothing great, but it's one of my more exaggerated park sketches...
as usual the guy came out better than the girl... but they liked it.

ehhhhh... im trying! really, i am!

I think i got this guy pretty well.

I don't really like this sketch at all... but i had to post it because the child's smile is so adorable!

I could've pushed it further i think... i didnt really capture his eyes...

So this kid sat for a demo, and when i drew his ears all pointy, one of friends said he looks like Link from "The Legend of Zelda"... so for kicks i added a body... snagged me a sale at the same time =D

I think this one is one of my better black and whites...
i like how i handled his hair... dunno if i can repeat it.
last one... i swear

K, so there yah go... Lets hope the next batch is better.

Noodles, out. o_O


  1. Jason! Can you get us tickets to the park?

  2. A lot of these are getting better and better, but it still seems like your best ones are the ones where you just take off exagerating and never look back towards accuracy. Don't be afraid of fucking up the way someone looks, just go crazy with the features. I actually really like that last one.