Monday, July 23, 2007

Just Your Salesman, Your Pet, Nothing More

Haven't done an illustration in a while, I'm quite rusty... but here is the latest, "Wild Child".

So other than that sketch, I haven't been able to do much fun stuff lately... Just work work work... my sketches, well the line quality is getting better, but I'm falling into a formula. I guess I have achieved what i mentioned earlier, of a salable sketch, these are made to please.

Prepare for the cuteness...

This was just a demonstration. at first. yea, I knew this would sell, hehe.

My first attempt at a hockey body. I like what i did with the puck, but i could make the background a little more interesting, and the body could be cleaned up a bit more... but I'm okay with it...

My first attempt a Silver Surfer body, I am pleased with the outcome...

I was sad, this chick looked awesome, had a frohawk, facial piercings, and punk eyeliner. But i never got to finish it fully because of willing, paying customers wanted to get drawn while i was doing this. This was also originally just a demonstration. She ended up buying it later.

I should have drawn her teeth... His body looks all funky too... grrr...

I drew a co-worker of mine... She didn't like it... =*(


  1. I love your illustration work!

  2. Are you working this coming Saturday or Sunday?