Saturday, July 14, 2007

Read a Book

This Dakota Fanning look alike has been draw by me before (in face it you scroll down, you'll see a black and white sketch i did of her). and she liked it so much, she came back to get it done and color and actually buy it this time. She's awesome!

This guy really played for the Phillies... His son was never really spiderman...
I love emos. yea, that's a dude on the left.

I dunno what it was specifically i liked about this drawing when i did it, but i think I my line quality significantly improved after doing this sketch. Hair still sucks though.
This kid reminds me of Jordan from the Bernie Mac Show.
Playing with some exaggeration... funny, but sloppy.

I think i got likeness really well on these guys.
Grape Soda + Red Vines = Crazy Delicious
I just like the line quality i did on this guy, most of it feels clean and smooth.

I think this one came out funny. I like it.

I like this cuz to me it doesn't feel like one of my generic sketches, there is more variation in its shapes, compared to my quick sketch.

Alright, that was just a small lot of park sketches i've been doing lately. So tired now... I update with better stuff next week.


  1. that girl totally looks like dakota fanning.

  2. Your line quality has gotten really better.