Thursday, April 19, 2007

Haven't Woke In Daze

So I went to the coffee shop and realized I had left the sketchbook I'd been working in at home... So rather than go back home and then come back, I had remembered packing a tiny one in my backpack a while back and it had a tint to the paper. I was saving it for when i felt I had a little more experience but was kind of forced into utilizing it's beauty. Anything that comes out of this book will have more color to it than what comes out of my normal sketchbook. So here is what I got done on the first two pages.

I really like the sketch of girl in the upper left corner.
These peeps were playing their Nintendo DS Funny, more girls playing games than guys. This coffee shop rocks. =D

Not much, but I'm happy with it. If you don't like it... go ride a scooter or something... yea.


  1. The colors look cool! Hmm and yeah, I think you should outline the irises. ;D

  2. man jason, you've been kicking butt since the last drawing i saw of yours. keep it up dude!