Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Barefoot Mountain

Here are some sketches from a coffee shop i frequent... actually its where most of my sketches will be coming from if they involve peoples...

And here are some more futile attempts at caricaturing random peoples. Some of the workers I've sketched are starting to post their pictures on their wall at the coffee shop... it's flattering, but embarassing because I don't feel I'm quite there yet... okay, well, i'm FAR from there.

You can't see it in the pic, but this girl has an awesome sense of fashion and cute to boot. I think i got some decent likeliness going on, but I never really pushed anything, her nose could have come out more or her cheeks. the smile i put was kind of generic too...

I think I got this guys face shape alright, but his hair is sloppy and his eyes are too misproportioned. I think I could have made it look much better if i fixed those two things.

This is one of those workers that posted her pic on the wall. Again, sloppy on the hair... in fact it's lop sided, one side is too long compared to the other.

I was almost happy with this... then i added a terrible body to her. should had a thinner neck and better shoulders, chest is too low... and what's with those wings?! I like the baby, from the get go, when he was wrapped in his blanket I thought he was a glo-worm. Remember those? I would have made his larva like body less skewed though and his head a little rounder if i could go back though...

So there you have the latest batch of "progress". I'm gonna be hard on myself and list as many faults as I can, so I can look out and think again next time.

I've been working at the park for 2 weekends now, line work has been getting better, and some drawings actually came out decent, but i forgot to get pictures of those ones... *sniff*. Next time though, and hopefully I'll have some figures stuff!

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