Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Walking Backwards

Okay... So I will post the first set of my park sketches starting from earlier last week up til now... I do this in shame. I was happy with some of them when i first completed them, but now that i look at them... my god... I apologize for these.

So this one was a demo, she thought it was cute, I was happy that it didn't come out as bad as the ones i was doing earlier, but the coloring and line work is poor. very little if any exaggeration.

This was the first double color body I had to do for a couple. They wanted to be a mermaid and fisherman... I never really looked at the samples we had, and guessed what it would look like... The chick was done terribly, guys are so much easier to draw in comparison...

This one i was decently happy with, until i colored the eyes... They looked crazy afterward... i think i shouldve outline the iris or something... *sigh*

... The parents liked this one so much they wanted their other daughter drawn too... got them both framed too. Why they liked this one is beyond me, it's hideous.
The little sister came out better, but kinda looks like an alien...

This one came out cute, she really liked it.

Likeliness isn't there at all... But i like the way i colored her scarf! so uh... yea...

I think the likeliness of the guy is one of my better ones. The woman is okay... better than how I've been drawing all the other females, but boring.

This girl would not stay still or even look at me. I pretty much guessed her face the entire time, she purposely looked away every time i tried to sneak a glance. The parents wanted me to draw her like Dora the Explorer... I think i drew Boots the Monkey better.

Okay... So let's pray my park sketches get better... SOON. I hope by the end of the season i can be at least 1/4th as good as the people I look up too.

So here are some randoms out of my sketchbook.

K, yea... need more practice.

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  1. Haha, intriguing story Jason. It's funny how you condescend yourself with your quality of charicatures. But I guess that's what makes us our own worst critic. Great job on these! And where'd you do these at? I'd say Great America, but I can't entirely tell.