Friday, August 17, 2007

Everybody Wang Chung

Greetings Star Gazers, I'm here to update you with my latests. I have noticed a dramatic change as of late in the quality of my work, but at the same time, I feel I am going through some of the hardest hurdles of the season and I have had several days of hit or miss. Once you find that comfortable cute salable sketch, it's hard to fall out of it. Of course you can just get really good and make it even cuter, and improve its overall quality. but it will still be that same face, the same eyes, the same every little cute that it is with slight variation to appease that of the customer. I feel i found that cute sketch, and I sometimes feel it is right and or needed for the sake of sale, but when i feel that is not the case, it is hard to take your drawing hand off "auto-sketch" and draw what you really see. The ugly.

So I'm trying to break from auto-sketch and it sometimes makes my drawings rather wonky or just plain bad. It's about experimenting new lines, and learning some of them just dont work well with others i'm currently using. At least I can say I'm trying, with some minor successes here and there. Anyway, enough about my feelings on my journey towards drawing better, onward to the park sketches!

These are all so you can see my current ability at likeness and then a close-up of the sketch.

These dudes were awesome, but drunk too. They were all about 26 or 27 and acted like they were 6 or 7. But the got a kick out of the drawing and I got a kick out of drawing it for them. They wanted that guy in the middle to be drawn like a baby and they be drawn normal, but I couldnt just draw them normal. I had figure if the guy was to be a baby the other two were to be a gay couple or men with bodies of a god holding the golden child. i went with the latter.

Clearly the greatest drawing I have done this season. I mean, look at their physique, their glory, their thongs. Okay, well it ain't perfect, the guy on the left's right arm (your left) is all weird outstretched the way i drew it, the babies middle toe on the right (his left) is longer than the rest... o_O and I like the guy on the left's face the least compared to the other two. But overall, i find this drawing funny and one of my better ones this season. btw, thats a bottle of kettle one floating on that their cloud.

This chick paints her face every time she visits great America. every time.
my only wish, the green band behind her was more level... that and better coloring of the hair.
As you can see by her smile, she really enjoyed this drawing. but alas too poor to buy it.
line quality could be better, but I'm glad I tried something new.

I like how I i didnt really give him much of a pupil, just little dots. Something new, something blue.He didn't seem happy with it. Too bad, you didn't pay for it anyway!

This dude wanted to be drawn playing guitar Hero.
I was trying new lines, but nothing really flows right in this picture... I wasn't gonna post this originally, but it's Guitar Hero... come on!
This kid gave me most likely the oddest request I've had to do and will do all season. He wanted to be drawn with four arms, playing two guitars, standing on two goat legs in the pits of hell, fighting chuck norris. I told him i'd do it all, but chuck norris. We negotiated and came to a compromise of a sillouette of satan in the background.

So some lady came up to me saying that the drawing she got early made her look too much like a man and was wondering if I could redraw it. I hate redrawing peoples sketches, especially when i feel that artist is a lot better than me, because if they rejected them, what the hell would they think of mine?! I tried my best to stay the cute route and be safe. I dont like this sketch.
This is Fabian's version. Clearly the better sketch, but the chick was right, she does look like a dude in the picture. Funny though, I didnt really look at his sketch til later, but our mermaids are basically in the same pose, just on opposite sides.

A mix of good and bad here... This was the first time I ever put 6 faces on one page (a mighty expensive drawing btw). I'd have to say the likeness of the sketch to the people was okay by my standards except for the little girl in the bottom middle. that was just... she was the first one i drew and i screwed up bad, i was thinking too hard to try it make it look cute (as to not lose the sale) it ended up totally not looking like her. the two ont he left and right on the bottom were twins... so i don't feel so bad they look a lot a like. The quality on the girl in the upper right I think is best. Not much detail went into this drawing, but i didnt have much room for it, it was an overall okay sketch, but I'm not terrible happy with it nor would i call it a failure.
I actually don't like this sketch at all. Only thing I do like is face variation, but the overall quality is terrible.
This father seemed pretty cool, he seemed to deem his son as his favorite though by reminding me he wanted to be draw with his son next to him and his daughter could be anywhere else. =*(
But notice how the son and daughter look a lot alike? no folks, thats not cuz they are related, its just cuz I drew them using the same lines, just gave em different hair. Bad Sketch!

I really like the way this came out at the time, it felt less like an in park sketch and more like my coffee shop caricatures.

I like the generous use of freckles i did here, but the hair is terribly messy.
I really like the way this came out, it resembled the guy a lot. I could have pushed things a little further as always though...

Aside from the terrible background coloring, I realy liked this sketch. I find it humorous, and the quality of the face one of my finest. It looked like the guy a lot and doesn't look like any of my other sketches.

This is a cute sketch. I wanted it to be cute, and i feel I succeeded. couple issues in line quality, but i like the way i did the soccer ball, he looks hurted. =)

I've been reading a couple comic books lately and wanted to draw iron man. I drew iron man.

egh... it's okay...

This is a bad drawing, but i thought i'd throw it in because the mother of this child came back to me after sending her boy off, to tell me how insensitive i was to make his ears so large and what I did was a terrible thing. I could honestly care less, and found her reaction funny cuz he didnt seem to care (though he wasnt thrilled about it either). Thanks to Edgar for pointing out the fact that his knee looks like the kid has a boner. Thats what your buds their there for, to let you know ur cartoons got wood.

That's all for now. Until then, keep watching the Stars!


  1. Why do you think Fabian's sketch of the mermaids is better than yours? I'm curious, because I can't see a difference in quality.

  2. overall line quality, my thick and thin lines aren't as clean as fabians. and i don't like the way i draw or color hair, for some reason i find it very hard to pick up highlights. and I feel that my version of them is just a stampy sketch, it doesn't capture likeness as well as his does, mine is meant to be cute and appease the guest, his is more real. Also, like any artist, we just aren't every happy with our work. =D

  3. Crap man i love you stuff, your so freagen talented. THis is amaaazing!!! youve got so much power, there is an edgyness to your drawings. I gots a lot of catchn up to do. Ho do you express those emotions?? Surely they dont hold those expressions.